"I think the seconds are pretty interesting, too… But really, does anyone root for the under dog anymore?"

U rolled his eyes and let his usual smile stretch.

"I guess you’re interesting since I know jack shit about you. Wanna get to know each other?"

"I guess I’ve never really been the trendy type," came an under-the-breath mutter, and the large, bug-like glasses turned away. 

"There’s nothing interesting about any of us. We’re just…lab rats."

For a moment, he seemed as if he were thinking about leaving. However, something held him tethered to this new person. He couldn’t tell exactly what had him staying, but regardless of the reason, he remained planted in front of him. 




The blond sighed, not really understanding the simile. He wasn’t too big on English, nor did he care for comparisons. However, Fie assumed it meant the stranger thought he looked tasty.

"That is weird, yeah? I do not think I am like the glass. People would be breathing down my neck, and that is gross!"

He smiled once more, laughing at the thought. The idea of people always touching him wasn’t too appealing.

The male glanced downwards, seemingly delving into thought. Apparently, the thought of bakeries in their relation to human beings was extraordinarily curious to the young teen. 

"It definitely is weird," he agreed quietly, not listening to whatever else Fie said afterwards. 

countdrakulos said: "All monsters are human."

Smiles were far and few inbetween with the brunet- however, as those words were professed to the cold, winter air, one presented itself in the most subtle, unsuspecting way. 

"Are you a monster, Saturn?"



"If they’re going to act like none of us existed before we entered Wammy’s system, then I don’t think they should have information from before I came here. It’s unfair."

Umbral shook his head, looking away.

"And you care, why?"

"You’re the first of my generation. I figure the firsts always have the most intriguing explanations." 

And he then leaned forward, a secretive look glinting in the wide, round lenses of his glasses. 

"But you know who’s even more interesting?" 

"The seconds.”



After he was finally let go, Fie smiled nervously. Being a people person was hard when you’re worried about getting hit.

"That is okay! I am very cute, it is hard for people to keep their hands off. I understand the struggle."

The blond laughed, attempting to lighten the general mood.

"Oh, I’d bet. You must be a lot like the glass in front of a bakery," he suggested, a head tilting curiously as his train of thought wove around the idea. 

Those passing by the blond would certainly always touch him- longingly, thoughtlessly. And when they left, they left him to hold their stains. 

Would those marks of dirtiness eventually become his own? 

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  • "There’s nowhere we can hide."
  • "Don’t get too close."
  • "Maybe I should kill myself."
  • "I’m not listening."
  • "No one can hurt you now."
  • "Who do you think you are?"
  • "You’re gonna catch a cold."
  • "I wish that you would just leave."
  • "I love the way you laugh."
  • "A little evil goes a long, long way."
  • "Drink the wine."
  • "Maybe we could stick around for one more drink."
  • "Here’s to us."
  • "The last few days have kicked my ass."
  • "Nothing lasts forever."
  • "I don’t know what went wrong."
  • "I don’t need you here."
  • "Did I fall asleep?"
  • "I will not die."
  • "I’ll wait here for you."
  • "I feel numb."
  • "Deal with it."
  • "I don’t care."
  • "I hate the way I love you."
  • "I have no regrets."
  • "I love you too much to hide you."
  • "I didn’t kill anybody."
  • "There is no God."
  • "All monsters are human."
  • "You look beautiful, but you don’t look fine."
  • "You’re a liar and a cheat."
  • "Why do you think I’m here?"
  • "Crap, are you pregnant?"
  • "This is just perfect."
  • "You’ve done enough already."
  • "Do you know about the box?"